December 29, 2009

I've just made a blog, and now I'm going to not really

I made this biscornu or pincushion for my Mom this Christmas. I decided I hate beadwork, but love the icy look these give it.  A freebie was used called Frozen January Biscornu from Alexandrina's freebie blog. They are quick and so addicting. They are a nice break from extensively long projects like quilts.

Tomorrow we go to Disneyland in California for Anna's fifth birthday! We are so so excited. The suspense is terrible . . . I hope it'll last.  She gets in free on the 31st! Yeah! We are so looking forward to seeing the fireworks on New Year's Eve, Sleeping Beauty's Castle and Pirates of the Caribbean. Anna is running around excited about how she is going to California to see where the Disney princesses live. I wonder how she is going to react if she gets to meet one. I am off to pack up our princess wands and pirate hats and check anymore last minute hints here online. What will we forget this time, right?

See you after the New Year.

December 28, 2009

Did I hear pillow fight?

Last July, I found couple of pillow kits at Nancy's Quilt Shop. Once I wrapped my head around the no unfinished edges method, I couldn't stop. They always have cute novelty prints that work perfect for kids. All the cousins got a pillowcase this Christmas, even the littlest one, for when she will actually have big girl bed.
Pillow cases
I could have gone with a more boring picture in this post like this, but I decided to have a bit more fun with this instead.

My quality control agents decided to test out the goods.

Testing pillow cases

 Belly flops anyone?

They seem to work just fine.

Hiding among pillows

Well, what would you do if you had that many pillows?

December 27, 2009

Embroidered Hedgehog

Linen hedgehog
Mmmm... They always make me smile. Found the pattern here and was inspired here. We are either going to fight over him or I will have to make him a family. ...with a toadstool?
Linen Hedgehog
Nuup Nuup

December 26, 2009

Woodland Bloom Journal Cover

I absolutely loved making this linen journal cover. I already want to make another. The pick stitching was fun and easy and Woodland Bloom was the fabric I used to make the 2 inch squares on the front of the journal, modern and still girly.
Front of journal

The back is an appliqued flower.

Flower on back of cover

More pick stitching.

Journal cover flower

This was my first experience with linen and the embroidery needles glide through the natural fabric. The fabric against the more plain color of the linen highlight the fabric used and makes the colors even more sweet.

Journal cover

Inside the journal,

Inside of journal cover

I snuck in a little more outlining of the actual flower print and a little label.

Embroidery on inside of journal cover

So...Ok I am not the original designer or the idea lady behind the journal cover or the designs on it. A stitcher from Australia has a blog named Bloom with a great tutorial on how to make these. Linen and Raspberry was one of the first ladies to whip up one of these from the tutorial and whose flower graces the back of my journal cover.

I hope you enjoy using this Jenny! I was so happy to make this for you! ;)

So Happy

Son's new hedgehog quilt
Originally uploaded by so happy!

My son uses the phrase, "Mommy, you make me so happy." It makes me smile every time I hear it. So here is a new blog about quilts, crafts and stitching of all kinds.