December 29, 2009

I've just made a blog, and now I'm going to not really

I made this biscornu or pincushion for my Mom this Christmas. I decided I hate beadwork, but love the icy look these give it.  A freebie was used called Frozen January Biscornu from Alexandrina's freebie blog. They are quick and so addicting. They are a nice break from extensively long projects like quilts.

Tomorrow we go to Disneyland in California for Anna's fifth birthday! We are so so excited. The suspense is terrible . . . I hope it'll last.  She gets in free on the 31st! Yeah! We are so looking forward to seeing the fireworks on New Year's Eve, Sleeping Beauty's Castle and Pirates of the Caribbean. Anna is running around excited about how she is going to California to see where the Disney princesses live. I wonder how she is going to react if she gets to meet one. I am off to pack up our princess wands and pirate hats and check anymore last minute hints here online. What will we forget this time, right?

See you after the New Year.

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